Not fetch – The Mean Girls experience

Mean Girls

August Wilson Theater

July 5th 2018

To be fair, I wasn’t expecting very much, but Mean Girls just wasn’t very good. The kindest thing I can think to say about it is that it’s … unnecessary.

The best part is easily the book by Tina Fey, which isn’t terribly different from the movie. So, in essence, we have the movie (only not performed as well), with some unremarkable songs thrown in, cheesy repetitive dance numbers (two cafeteria tray dance breaks? Really?) and horrifically overused LED screens and projections. Oh. And a Tina Fey impersonator.


Here’s an example of the lame songs in this show.   This video actually makes me laugh as everyone looks like they’re working really hard to perfect this.   Apex Predator.

The singing was generally screechy and the mics were way too loud, kind of like how I imagine a Transformers musical would sound. The saving graces we’re probably Barrett Wilbert Reed as Janis (though the level of the mics along with her belting wasn’t pleasant) and Gray Henson as Damian who was easily the funniest person in the show.

“She doesn’t even go here…”

Thank God for these two
The rest of the unremarkable cast
Just what we need…another lunch room jam!
The mathletes, Cady, the Tina Fey impersonator and the terrible LED wall

Just watch the movie instead….much better


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